-You're a Liberal?-

With Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama leading the charge for the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party looking very lackluster, I can’t help but to ponder how a Democratic candidate would lead the country. Most of my older Christian friends shutter at the fact that a young adult that claims to be a follower of Christ would even entertain the notion of voting for the blue state donkeys.

“You’re a liberal?” Liberal; another useless title that so many Americans have adopted, yet have no idea what it means. Let me just get down to it: am I a liberal or a conservative? My reply is simply, “yes.” I think that all Americans, even Christians dare I say, should be both. Let’s consult our trusty Webster Dictionary to put an accurate definition on these commonly misrepresented terms.

Conservative means "one that strives to maintain existing views, conditions, institutions, traditions, and norms marked with moderation, caution, and morals. Should that be me? Of course." The things that are working and are positive in the world today should be stood up for and fought to keep.

Now let’s take a look at the often demonized word of liberalism. A liberal is someone who is "open-minded, and not strict to the observance of the orthodox, tradition, or established norm and ways." That is something I always want to be. As my generation struggles to worship freely with guitars as the traditional, more conservative generation digs in their heels, I sometimes remind myself that my new “liberal” forms of worship will one day be traditional. They will be the new norm. And I hope and pray that when that day comes I can avoid the same path that so many others have taken to argue that any other form or style of worship other than my own is now blasphemous and liberal.

The moral of the story is this: we need to be conservative when it comes to holding fast to the morals and great traditions of our faith. Yes, there are certain things worth fighting for. However, let us not be so narrow minded to think that the same traditional ways of worship, evangelism, discipleship, and even life for that matter will always be relevant. Be a liberal in the fact that we are constantly searching for new methods and ideologies that will one day become tradition in the Christian faith as it ushers in a new method of winning people to Christ.

“God, help show me that despite my presuppositions, you can use any person, any method, and any situation to bring you glory and draw people to you. Help my traditions, thoughts, and habits to never overshadow the most effective ways to make an impact on the world in your name. Amen.”

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