-4 Things I Hope Staff Say When They Leave-

No matter the church or organization, it's inevitable that pastors/staff will leave for a variety of reasons. So what are they going to say about you as a leader and pastor on their way out of the door?

Here are the 4 things I hope team members say as they transition out:

1. He helped me be a better follower.
I want to constantly push, encourage, and challenge our team to be more like Jesus. Before they are a great team member, they have to be great followers first. I hope they are stronger followers when they leave, and that I helped them get there.

2. He helped me be a better leader.
I want to set a staff culture that focuses on leadership development. The win for me is not simply leading my pastors/staff, but seeing them lead and develop others. I hope they are a leader of leaders when they leave, and that I helped them get there.

3. He helped me prepare for my next steps.
I don't expect our church to be everyone's "last stop" in ministry leadership. Acknowledging that, I hope their time with us bolstered their faith, gave them spiritual boldness, and helped to sharpen their ability to identify and discern God's voice in whatever He has next for them, and that I helped them get there.

4. He cared about me, not just what I could do for him.
It's easy to view staff in black and white terms: simply, they are here to execute the vision. Get it done no matter the cost. I absolutely care about getting results, but the people on the team have to know they are more than just a position or an employee number. I hope they sensed the urgency of the mission AND the heart of the pastor, and that I helped them get there.

What about you? What do you want your team to say about you on their exit interview?

You're late...and a liar.

I've made quick phone calls as I ran out to the car: "Just leaving, I'll be there ASAP!"
I've rushed into a conference room with a table full of people: "Sorry to keep you waiting."
I've texted friends on my way to meet them for lunch: "Go ahead and order, almost there."

Despite the calls, texts, and apologies, here is what you're really saying when you're late:

1. Trustworthy vs Liar
If you tell someone you'll meet them at 10am, then you are essentially making them a promise.  Be on time so you can be a man/woman of your word.  It's a character issue.

2. Reliable vs Flaky
Being on time shows you're reliable.  If you don't show up when you're supposed to, then people will begin to doubt whether they can count on you.  It's a dependability issue.

3. Disciplined vs Slack
Discipline can be exercised in your financial life, physical life, professional life, and even in setting/reaching goals.  Yet, being late shows a lack of discipline with your time.  It's a self-discipline issue.

4. Humility vs Arrogance
When you're late, you communicate to the person waiting that you are more important than them.  Whatever you were doing was more important than what they had to do.  Their plans and schedule take a back-seat to your plans and schedule.  It's a respect issue.

When you realize what is communicated when you aren't punctual, it will change the way you look at your clock.

For me, "on-time" means at least 5-minutes early.  I want to make sure I honor you and the time that you've given me to meet.

So what do you think?  Is punctuality no big deal, or an important part of life?

-3 Things I Hope My Daughters Tell Me at 18-

"Dad, I love you."
That means I did the parenting thing right.  I've heard some pretty brutal stories of how innocent, loving princesses turn into crazy, evil witches once they turn 12 or 13.  One dad's words to me: "You just want your daughters to survive adolescence and still love you!"

"Dad, I love Jesus."
That means I did the pastoring thing right.  It's my responsibility to teach my kids about Jesus, to show them what Jesus looks like, and to saturate their lives with this life changing message.  It's my job to pray daily for my kids that God would redeem them and do what only He can do in their life, to help them understand that Jesus loves them even more than their dad loves them.

"Dad, I love the Church."
This means I did the professional thing right.  Too many pastor's kids hate the Church when they grow up because they saw their dad allow the church to steal him away from them growing up.  If dad spends the time loving on the church that he should have spent loving on his kids, the kids will one day resent the Church for it.

What do you hope your kids will say to you one day?

-4 Ways to Help a Hurting Friend-

When tragedy strikes, one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from people is, "What can I do?" or  "How can I help?"  Here are 4 quick things you can do to really serve those around you that are hurting.

The best thing you can do for people that are hurting is to just be there.  Your presence can help heal.  Text, call, and email, but don't stop there.  Show up.

Be there WITH them and FOR them.

During a hard time in life, your friends will have tons of questions.  Resist the desire to "answer" all of the questions or try to "fix" the problem.

Chances are, they aren't asking you for an answer.  They just want to share.  They want you to listen.  Sometimes the best thing is to sit there with them and say absolutely nothing.

So show up and shut up.

Cry with them, laugh with them, pray with them, be broken with them, and cry some more with them.    Don't alienate yourself from their situation.  Get in the trenches with them.

Sharing the pain brings great comfort by helping your friends know they aren't doing this alone.

The worst thing you can do for a hurting friend is to say, "Call me if you need anything."  You've just placed all of the responsibility on their shoulders.  They don't need that.

Take the initiative and do something.  Cook them a meal, mow their grass, bring them bags of groceries, wash their dishes, clean their house, babysit their kids, treat them to a dinner out.

Don't wait around for them to ask you, and don't wait around for someone else to come up with a plan.  Just spring into action.

I've been the recipient of all of these things in my life during times of pain and struggle, and I hope they help you too.

-Stealing From Jesus & Cheating On Your Wife-

You can value everything, but you can't value everything equally.  Valuing everything equally means not valuing anything at all.

So you have to learn how to cheat and steal.  Let me explain:

You and I have a limited amount of resources in this life: time, money, and energy just to name a few.  We'll call this "sand."

You and I have major areas of our lives that require resources: work, personal, spouse, family, and God just to name a few.  We'll call these "buckets."

Here's the big problem...

We don't have enough sand to fill all of our buckets.  So that means you've got some choices to make.  To add to one bucket you'll have to steal from another one.  In order to make sure one is filled up to a healthy level, you'll have to cheat another one.

Here's the big question...

Which buckets in your life are you willing to steal from?  Who are you going to cheat?  Which ones are really the most important to you?

You're going to have to cheat something.  You're going to have to steal from someone.  So choose wisely!

Don't let your family, your marriage, or your relationship with Jesus be a casualty on the side of the road of life.  Be sure you're stealing from and cheating on the right buckets.

-Like A Boss-

Supervisor.  Manager.  CEO.  Boss.  President.  Senior.  Captain.

Everyone wants to be the leader.  We incur college debt on the hopes of career advancement.  We spend countless hours in the office fighting for the promotion.  We go above and beyond what’s expected to garner the acknowledgment and approval of our superiors for a shot at an “Upper Level” position.

The drive and desire to be a leader in the workplace is OVERWHELMING for most people.  I can understand why, though.  Look at the perks!

-More Money
-More Authority
-More Respect
-More People Serving Under You
-More Prestige
-More Privileges

The “Business Leadership” section in the bookstore is one of the most popular shelves, especially for men.  Most have an innate desire to be at the front of the pack, carry the banner, and lead the battle cry. 

Throughout all areas of life there’s just something inside of us that desires to be significant, respected, and hold the high esteem of a leader.

Except in the Church.

What’s the breakdown?  Why so much drive in the office and so little effort on Sunday?  Why does the focus on advancement and leadership break down on the weekends when it burns so hot during the week?

The drive and desire to be a leader in the Church is UNDERWHELMING for most people.  I can understand why, though.  Look at the perks!

-More Sacrifice
-More Humility
-More Honoring Others
-More People That You Are Serving
-More Giving Away of Yourself

When your model for leadership is Jesus, it flips the modern day leadership paradigm on its head.

Instead of:
Supervisor, Manager, CEO, Boss, President, Senior, or Captain.

You Get:
Servant, Selfless, Humble, Giving, Integrity, and Lesser.

Throughout history the Church has relied on leaders to protect, guide, encourage, challenge, and lead the Church.  Opportunities abound for people to step up, grab the reins, and work hard to advance the mission and kingdom of Jesus.

Are you ready for a promotion?

-3 Things for 2015-

The month of January is going to be huge for the future of REVO Church.  Here are 3 reasons why you DON'T want to miss the next 4 weeks:

1.  We're going to share with you what we're launching in 2015 that I believe will allow us to see a bigger and more significant impact than anything we've ever done before.  EVER.

2.   We're going to ask you to do one simple thing that will not only change someone's life, but can alter the course of human history. (It's already happened once, so I know it can happen again!)

3.  We're going to tell you the one thing that we MUST do before any of the other things are even a possibility.

Is it hard?  Sure.
Is it risky?  Absolutely.
Is it impossible?  I'm pretty sure it is.

Are we going to do it anyway?  Yep.

Hopefully you'll be a part of it with us as we Spark a Revolution of Life Change through Jesus.

Check out the website HERE for times and locations.