Detox Doctrine: Communion

Q: Growing up, I attended churches that celebrated the "Lord's Supper" every Sunday based on 1 Corinthians 11:23 onward. Why doesn't REVO have a weekly communion?

A: There isn't a hard and fast answer concerning the frequency of communion in churches. Some church's do it every week, other's do it once a month, and others do it quarterly. Since there is no right or wrong way when it comes to the frequency of administering communion in churches today, I'll share with you my thoughts on communion and when we do it at REVO Church.

The taking of communion is an incredibly important act of worship. It's an opportunity to remember the pain and sacrifice of the cross, but also the love and grace of God. I've been a part of churches in the past that simply "tag" communion onto the end of the service. I have to ask myself, when Jesus said "do this in remembrance of me," is that what he had in mind? Taking an extremely significant act of worship and boiling it down to a 5 minute devotional accompanied by stale crackers and a plastic cup of grape juice or wine? I'm not accusing your church of having that mentality or handling it that way, but I sure don't want to be a part of any more superficial Supper's in my life.

When we do communion at REVO Church, I want to dedicate the entire service to it. I want to explain it, analyze it, break it down, and find the emotion and drive behind it. Maybe it's the expositor coming out in me, but I want to find the true power of communion in Scripture and the words and actions of Christ. I want to not only preach it with great boldness, but observe it having understood the true meaning and importance and allow that to help me Move Forward in my relationship with God.

Another reason why REVO doesn't do communion every week is because I'm weary of experiential satiation. Is it possible that we can do something SO often in the life of the Church that it can become totally void of any meaning and significance? Can overexposure do more to dull our senses and mindset about communion than to actually remind us of it's power and hope? I think so.

Again, I'm not accusing you or your pastor of wrongdoing. I would personally love to know how communion can be incorporated into every weekly service without become lackluster and routine.

Why doesn't REVO have communion every Sunday? Each time we do communion at REVO, I want to take time to explain it, observe it, and worship through the process without simply squeezing it into an already full order of worship.

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