-Venti House Blend, 2 Creams & 1 Jesus-

I was standing in line at the coffee shop last week and the girl in front of me ordered a cup of house blend, drip coffee.  The barista asked her is she wanted some room at the top of the cup for cream, and her response was incredible!

"No cream for me.  I take my coffee like I like my men: strong, dark, and hot."

I literally laughed out loud.

When I approached the counter I became subconscious about what my "Decaf Caramel Latte" was saying about the expectations that I have of my wife, Elizabeth.  I don't know about you, but "sweet, fair-skinned, and doesn't give me the jitters" just isn't the romantic pick-up line I would use.

Some people can describe their life and relationship with Jesus the same way they describe their liquid morning elixir.  For them, Jesus is simply an additive to their life, just like a pack of splenda or a splash of cream.  Life is a little too bitter and bland sometimes, so we add Jesus to it and make it a little more palatable.  We love the blessings and assurance we get from Jesus.  We even tolerate the sacrifice and selflessness that He calls us to, but only in small doses!  We don't want to shake things up too much.  It is our life, and we know exactly how we want it to look and taste.

Here's the problem: Jesus isn't an additive to your life.  Jesus isn't just a part of your life, he wants to take OVER your life.

What are you pouring into your cup?

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