-Beware of "Potential"-

How many times have you met a person that has "lots of potential?"  WATCH OUT!  In some cases, "lots of potential" can be a vague description for people that really haven't done anything in their life.

But hopeful, desperate mother's hang on to those two magical words when describing their beloved:  They have lots of potential, they just haven't done anything with it... not YET!

The problem with the timeline of "not yet" is that many times it turns into, "never has, never does, and never will."

Leaders look at performance over potential.  They're not as impressed with what you could do "maybe, possibly, one day."  Your track record and past performances often illustrates your ability, and even future potential, more accurately than anything else.

I've never seen a resumé that has a blank to fill in your potentials.  I do see lots of questions asking what you have done, where you have been, and what your performance record is.

Remember, real potential is a byproduct of past performances, not to be confused with potential built upon fabricated idealisms.

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