-Jesus and Divorce-

This message has been on my calendar for 6 months, knowing it was going to be one of the hardest messages I've ever preached at REVO.  Tomorrow I am preaching on what Jesus said about divorce.
There are a few things that I need for you to read and understand before you show up to REVO tomorrow.

1.  Know this about the Bible:
This book is written for you, but not about you.  This sermon is about Jesus, not you.  Your life is not important or significant enough for me to preach a sermon about.  Sorry to break that to you.

2. Know this about the Message:
This sermon isn't just for people that are divorced.  This text is written for everyone that will be in the room or listening online tomorrow.  Single, divorced, happily married, unhappily married, old, young, it doesn't matter.  So don't turn it off.  Don't get uncomfortable.  Don't stay at home because you think it doesn't apply to you.

3. Know this about the Purpose:
This isn't a math equation.  This isn't a time to place blame and to debate whose fault it was.  This isn't an equation where you plug your life in, plug your ex's life in, and hit enter and expect the bible to tell you who was wrong.  The purpose is to exalt Jesus, not to exalt you or to tear you down.

4. Know this about me:
I've never been divorced.  My parents are not divorced.  I can't speak truth into your life from my experience.  But then again, I'm not interested in doing that.  That's not what people need.  My personal anecdotes and commentary won't save anyone.  Jesus does.

So I'm going to stand on stage tomorrow and open up the Bible and preach about Jesus, which is the same thing I've done every week since we started REVO Church almost 2 years ago.

Tomorrow, come hear a scandalous story about an adulterous bride and a faithful, loving Groom.  Get an eye-opening look into the REAL, unadulterated, powerful Gospel story.

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