Fasting: Intimacy Overhaul

"Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."  James 4:8

The more that we draw near to God, the closer we get to Him (blatantly obvious statement of the day).  However, don't limit your "closeness" to God just during your fasting time.  When you fast, your intimacy and closeness to God will increase in other areas of your life during other times of the day.

Fasting in the morning can result in an increase in intimacy as you are praying at night before you go to bed.  It can increase intimacy as you spend time in the Word during your lunch break.  Fasting really opens up your eyes and ears to God's movement around you, and results in seeing and hearing from God more closely.

So don't limit fasting to what God can say to you during that narrow window that you're not eating or giving something else up.  Use that fast as a springboard to increase intimacy in all areas of your relationship with God.

I'm praying that as a result of your fast the other areas of your relationship with God will flourish, that your life would be more in tune with Him, and that your eyes and ears would be sharply focused on God.

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