-4 Things I Hope Staff Say When They Leave-

No matter the church or organization, it's inevitable that pastors/staff will leave for a variety of reasons. So what are they going to say about you as a leader and pastor on their way out of the door?

Here are the 4 things I hope team members say as they transition out:

1. He helped me be a better follower.
I want to constantly push, encourage, and challenge our team to be more like Jesus. Before they are a great team member, they have to be great followers first. I hope they are stronger followers when they leave, and that I helped them get there.

2. He helped me be a better leader.
I want to set a staff culture that focuses on leadership development. The win for me is not simply leading my pastors/staff, but seeing them lead and develop others. I hope they are a leader of leaders when they leave, and that I helped them get there.

3. He helped me prepare for my next steps.
I don't expect our church to be everyone's "last stop" in ministry leadership. Acknowledging that, I hope their time with us bolstered their faith, gave them spiritual boldness, and helped to sharpen their ability to identify and discern God's voice in whatever He has next for them, and that I helped them get there.

4. He cared about me, not just what I could do for him.
It's easy to view staff in black and white terms: simply, they are here to execute the vision. Get it done no matter the cost. I absolutely care about getting results, but the people on the team have to know they are more than just a position or an employee number. I hope they sensed the urgency of the mission AND the heart of the pastor, and that I helped them get there.

What about you? What do you want your team to say about you on their exit interview?

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