-Time Management: 1 Question to Ask, 3 Steps to Take-

How do you manage your time? How do you prioritize everything that you have to do in a day? How do you determine what to say "no" to and what you need to make time for? These are questions that I get asked occasionally, and the answer really comes down to 1 question and 3 steps.

The Question: Is what you are doing with your time making an impact and changing the world?

I think almost everyone would agree that they would like their life to make a difference in the world today. If that's your goal, then what are you doing with your time to accomplish that and see results? Take every event, meeting, and time grabber on your calendar and ask of it the question above. If the answer is yes, then I think it's a great way to spend your time. If not, then I think you're wasting it.

The 3 steps come from Mark 2:1-12.

1. Grab a Corner. The 4 friends woke up and decided the way they would spend their time that day was getting their friend to Jesus. Does the corner that you grab every day have purpose?

2. Tear the Roof Off! The friends were willing to do whatever it took to get their friend to Jesus. Nothing was too expensive, nothing was too time consuming, and nothing was going to stop them. Are you willing to do whatever it takes for your life to make a difference?

3. Life Change. Jesus said the man's sins were forgiven as a result of the faith of his friends. When was the last time you played a part in someone's life change story?

So what are you spending your time on?

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