-Monday Morning Quarterback-

I have a ritual that I do every Sunday night and Monday morning.  It’s painful, unpleasant, and downright discouraging sometimes.  It keeps me up at night.  It consumes my thought process.  It’s a lot of thought about something that is impossible to go back and change.  It’s the dreaded Monday Morning Quarterback.

I am my biggest critic when it comes to feedback on my sermons.  When I get home after preaching our 2 Sunday services at REVO, I find myself analyzing what I just said.

“I could have said that better.  I could have made that clearer.  I should have left that out.  I can’t believe I forgot to say that.  Did that really just come out of my mouth?!”  Last night during one of my “personal evaluation sessions,” God asked me a question:

“Do you really think the power that My gospel has to unleash salvation hinges on your delivery?”


It is important to evaluate and learn from mistakes, but you can’t forget where the real power is coming from.  Who changes lives?  Who softens hardened hearts?  Who draws people to God?  Who calls men out?  Whose message must be proclaimed in order to spark a revolution in the lives and hearts of people?  What gives your message authority?

Stop thinking about how you dropped the ball, and start thanking God that despite your shortcomings, he still entrusts you with such an incredible mission and responsibility.

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