-3 Questions that a Mobile Church Answers-

Every week, our staff and volunteer leaders send out an email to our volunteers telling them 2 things: the "what" and the "why."  What are we doing this week at REVO, and why are we doing it?  Here is the email that Chase Lambert, REVO's executive pastor sent out this week.

Hi Team,

When I go to other churches or hang out with people from other churches they ask a lot of questions about REVO. There are a few questions I hear more often than others.

I want to share these questions and how I answer them with you:

Question: "Aren't you tired of moving those heavy boxes around?"

Answer: No. #1. I've got a great team of volunteers to help carry the load. #2. We're rollin'! Everything is on wheels, so it's easy.

Question: "How do you get all of that stuff done every week?"

Answer: Volunteers. We have 15 people on Strike Force setup team and we work for 4 hours... how many hours did we just work? (The answer is 60 hours!) That's a full work week with double overtime

Question: "Why do ya'll do it that way?"

Answer: Life Change! When we pour our time and efforts and resources into people rather than property lives are bound to change.

In September this team put 304 hours into sparking a revolution of life change through Jesus. WOWYou people rock! By setting up a distraction free environment we are making Jesus the center of attention. When we tear the roof off and get our friends to Jesus, their lives will be changed! 

Question: How do you spark a revolution of life change through Jesus? 


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