Fasting: Feeling Weak

Matthew 5:6- "Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled."

When we fast, we often feel physically weak and tired.  We have no energy, stay groggy, and feel achy.  We aren't as sharp mentally as we usually are.  Sometimes we even have emotional mood swings caused by our hunger.  The fact is when you lack nourishment and rest, it takes a huge toll on your body.

Fasting is a great reminder of the toll that life takes on us spiritually.  Jesus knew the importance of having a thirst and hunger for the things of God.  We become weak very quickly if we neglect the spiritual nourishment that comes from constant prayer, studying the Word, and time with God.  

I'm praying that this fast would remind us that just like a lack of food leaves us weak and drained physically, that a lack of quality time with God seeking Him will leave us weak, dull, sluggish, and unprepared spiritually.

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