-Stealing From Jesus & Cheating On Your Wife-

You can value everything, but you can't value everything equally.  Valuing everything equally means not valuing anything at all.

So you have to learn how to cheat and steal.  Let me explain:

You and I have a limited amount of resources in this life: time, money, and energy just to name a few.  We'll call this "sand."

You and I have major areas of our lives that require resources: work, personal, spouse, family, and God just to name a few.  We'll call these "buckets."

Here's the big problem...

We don't have enough sand to fill all of our buckets.  So that means you've got some choices to make.  To add to one bucket you'll have to steal from another one.  In order to make sure one is filled up to a healthy level, you'll have to cheat another one.

Here's the big question...

Which buckets in your life are you willing to steal from?  Who are you going to cheat?  Which ones are really the most important to you?

You're going to have to cheat something.  You're going to have to steal from someone.  So choose wisely!

Don't let your family, your marriage, or your relationship with Jesus be a casualty on the side of the road of life.  Be sure you're stealing from and cheating on the right buckets.

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